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1.   In the context of roles of a superior team leader, relating refers to 

  A. exhibiting social and political awareness, caring for team members, and building trust.

  B. influencing team members as well as obtaining external support for teams.

  C. delegating authority, being flexible regarding team decisions, and coaching.

  D. seeking information from managers, peers, and specialists, and investigating problems systematically.

2.   _______ are positive consequences that motivate behavior. 

 A. Behavioral antecedents

 B. Reinforcers

  C. Biases

 D. Effectors

3.   Aaron, the CEO of a multinational company, has decided to implement certain new corporate processes for increased efficiency and productivity. He wishes to conduct the implementation in a phased manner in all divisions of the company, throughout the world. Also, he wishes to inform every employee of the impending change and ensure that they fully understand its implications. Which of the following is a reason why he should send an email describing the changes and their benefits? 

  A. It allows information to be shared rapidly with large numbers of stakeholders.

  B. It engenders more trust among users than face-to-face communication does.

  C. It supports interpretation of subtle nonverbal cues conveyed by a sender.

  D. It’s the most appropriate tool to communicate sensitive or private information.

4.   Among the roles that superior team leaders perform, _______ involves seeking information from managers, peers, and specialists, and investigating problems systematically. 

 A. empowering

  B. probing

  C. relating

  D. scouting

5.   A company shares its financial goals, income statements, budgets, sales, forecasts, and other relevant data about company performance and prospects with all its employees. This company engages in the practice of 

  A. open-book management.

  B. filtering.

 C. blogging.

 D. groupthink.

6.   _______ are work groups composed of multinational members whose activities span multiple countries. 

  A. Focus groups

 B. Management teams

  C. Parallel teams

 D. Transnational teams

7.   Swift Corporation is a company where information is available as needed, moving quickly and easily enough that it functions far better as a whole team than as separate parts. Swift Corporation is a _______ organization. 

  A. traditional

 B. boundaryless

  C. tall

 D. bureaucratic

8.   Marvin, an employee at UniPal Corp., has recently joined the company and is being trained. However, he isn’t able to communicate well with his trainer, Melissa. As a result, Melissa feels that Marvin doesn’t have the positive attitude or the will to work. She speaks to Marvin about the issue, but feels that he isn’t sincere enough in his statements, since she has already formed opinions about him from his past behavior. In this scenario, Melissa’s _______ doesn’t allow her to interpret Marvin’s statements correctly. 

  A. locus of control

 B. perception

  C. self-efficacy

  D. self-esteem

9.   Which of the following questions can be used to identify one’s boss’s level of task performance leadership? 

  A. Do you think your superior trusts you?

 B. Does your superior treat you fairly?

  C. Can you talk freely with your superior about your work?

  D. To what extent does your superior give you instructions and orders?

10.   Clara, a manager at an organization, has a lot of influence over her employees. She is a popular manager. Her subordinates like working with her and want to emulate her. In the context of this scenario, Clara has _______ power. 

  A. reward

 B. referent

 C. legitimate

 D. coercive

11.   The top management of a company determined that their end-of-year bonuses wouldn’t be given due to low sales. Jane, a department manager, informed her staff that even high-performing employees shouldn’t expect a bonus. Jane’s _______ power was limited by the decision of the top management. 

  A. reward

 B. legitimate

  C. expert

 D. referent

12.   Benny, Homer, and Juan were three qualified engineers working in a team at a firm. Though Benny had the most experience, he didn’t always lead the group. Some projects required specialized knowledge that the other two members had, so the leadership role was passed around the group as appropriate. They were using the _______ style of leadership. 

  A. shared

  B. lateral

  C. bridge

 D. authentic

13.   In _______, the key situational factor is the maturity of the followers. 

  A. Hersey and Blanchard’s situational theory

 B. Tannenbaum and Schmidt’s theory

  C. the Vroom model

  D. Fiedler’s contingency model

14.   Supervisory leadership is behavior that provides 

 A. projections for the viable future of an organization.

  B. a means to anticipate changes in the future.

  C. purpose and meaning to an organization.

 D. guidance, support, and corrective feedback for day-to-day activities.

15.   In a conversation during lunch, Arnold was casually discussing with other managers how they can improve the competition and team spirit within the organization by arranging a soccer match between different departments. Which of the following forms of organizational communication does this scenario exemplify? 

  A. The grapevine

 B. Intrapersonal communication

 C. Asynchronous communication

  D. A soliloquy

16.   In the context of the trait approach to leadership, _______ refers to a set of characteristics that reflect a high level of effort, including high need for achievement, constant striving for improvement, ambition, energy, tenacity, and initiative. 

  A. drive

 B. leadership motivation

  C. self-confidence

 D. integrity

17.   Identify a defining characteristic of a traditional work environment. 

  A. Jobs require broad skills and knowledge.

 B. Measured risk-taking is encouraged and supported.

 C. Rewards are based primarily on team performance.

 D. Managers primarily determine “best methods” related to work processes.

18.   Janet, a manager, sends an email warning Kevin, a subordinate, of disciplinary action to be taken if he continues to take long coffee breaks and spend too much time on personal phone calls. However, Kevin didn’t attach too much importance to the email. He felt it was akin to a passing reminder. Which of the following is a reason why Janet should have spoken to Kevin directly and avoided the use of email? 

 A. Electronic media prevents interpretation of subtle nonverbal cues conveyed by a sender.

 B. Electronic media increases time and expenses related to traveling, photocopying, and mailing.

 C. Electronic media leaves a permanent record of communication for later reference.

 D. Electronic media encourages more people to participate and share their ideas.

19.   The _______ is a leadership perspective that focuses on individual leaders and attempts to determine the personal characteristics that great leaders share. 

 A. situational model

 B. relationship-motivated leadership

  C. trait approach

 D. leadership grid

20.   _______ operate separately from the regular work structure of the firm on a temporary basis. 

  A. Parallel teams

 B. Management teams

  C. Work teams

  D. Focus groups

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